White diet after teeth whitening of products

White smile adorns everyone. Unfortunately, not all of us by nature have perfect white teeth. Besides, there are a number of internal and external factors which aggravate the situation with the natural shade of the tooth enamel. Over time, there is a yellow patina, to get rid of the ordinary brushing toothpaste hard. Therefore, experts of the dental sector assisting in the professional lighting enamel a few shades – bleaching, after which patients need the "white diet".

diet after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is carried out by various methods:

  • ultrasonic;
  • chemical;
  • laser;
  • photo bleaching.

What technology to prefer, everyone decides for himself. You should also consult with a specialist. In the process of bleaching is important not only the process but also measures to preserve the result. To teeth after the procedure remained white, you need to adhere to certain rules of care and support "white diet".

Why white diet

Thanks to professional bleaching could achieve impressive results, but after that you need to learn how to maintain a beautiful white smile. To prolong the effect of budgetary procedures you need to follow a special diet, which they call "the white diet".

"In the process of bleaching is important not only the process but also measures to preserve the result. To teeth after the procedure remained white, you need to adhere to certain rules of care and support "white diet"".

Bleached enamel becomes porous, like a sponge, so easy to acids and components that are prone to staining. At the slightest contact with the dye, the teeth after whitening can change the color of all the effort from the procedure will be reduced to zero. In addition, the chemical treatment of enamel and other means of making further contact with the food and drink painful. Some time after the procedure people retain tooth sensitivity when consuming hot and cold food, solid foods, sour and sweet dishes.

White diet after whitening will allow to avoid unpleasant consequences, and save the result after bleaching the enamel. The rules work for everyone, regardless of whitening. Want to have a beautiful smile and not spend money for nothing? Then you white diet, stick to it diet eating foods from the allowed list.

The basic principle

People associate the term "diet" with weight loss, but actually it means a special power supply circuit to achieve a variety of results: weight loss, health improvement, maintenance drug treatment, recovery after surgery, and the like. "The white diet after teeth whitening is one of the varieties. As part of the procedure is offered to eliminate from the diet certain foods and, consequently, enable other.

What is forbidden to eat and drink

"White diet" exclude from the daily diet all products-dyes:

  • Coffee. On time forget about your favorite refreshing beverage, such as from custard and instant. If you can't completely give it up, carefully dilute coffee with milk, but use it as sparingly as possible.
  • Tea. This drink has strong coloring properties. No matter it is black or green tea. If the tea party for you – is an essential process in life, drink in the cold, using a straw for cocktails, and limit the steeping time of the granules. Only in this case, the white diet and tea will be compatible.
  • Red wine. If after professional whitening teeth you drink wine, consider that you throw money to the wind. Instead of red wine you can use white or pink.
  • Sparkling water and juices. Do not drink Cola and other carbonated beverages, even if they don't have dyes. The fact that they have high acidity, which destroys tooth enamel. Their use is contraindicated during after teeth whitening.
  • Colored vegetables and fruits. Limit consumption of beets, carrots, raspberries, blackberries, currants, citrus. If completely excluded from the diet are not, be sure to use a special mouthwash after eating.
  • Candies and sweets. Sweets paint teeth in a bright color, as well as adversely affect the enamel, as they contain huge amount of sugar. Sweet tooth, who want to retain teeth after teeth whitening, you need to exclude them from the diet.

A list of what you can eat and drink

the pros and cons

In the framework of the "white diet" allowed to eat and drink the following:

  • Dairy products. Milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, yogurt – all these foods white color, so its use will not affect the whiteness of the smile.
  • Products without color. For teeth after whitening are safe to eat pure meat and fish broth, cereals, oil.
  • Some of the vegetables. Cabbage, cucumbers and other vegetables colorless will not harm the enamel after the bleaching procedure, so feel free to include them in the diet.
  • The flour products. Safe to eat pasta, bread, buns without filling grains.

As you can see, the "white diet" is not difficult to maintain. The use of the aforementioned products and the exclusion of dyes will not only help keep a white smile but also have a positive impact on your health.

"People associate the term "diet" with weight loss, but actually it means a special power supply circuit to achieve a variety of results: weight loss, Wellness, maintain the results of medical treatment, rehabilitation after surgery etc".

The pros and cons of white diet

In dieting, like any other restrictive diet activities, has its advantages and disadvantages. White diet has advantages, these include the following:

  • Helps to preserve the effect of a professional whitening.
  • Adhering to new principles of nutrition, you not only save the enamel after whitening white, but will lose weight. "White diet" will turn you into the owner of chic shapes.
  • The use of products that can be used in the food after bleaching, have a positive impact on your health, because all they are good for health.

"White diet" has its flaws, note them:

  • Support white diet requires close attention to what you eat and drink. Some time will have to more carefully think through the product list before going to the store, so please be patient.
  • For many it is difficult to give up foods that can potentially harm the teeth after whitening. Coffee lovers should have the willpower to some time after the procedure to drink a Cup of fragrant drink in the morning.
  • "White diet" is imbalanced nutrition, so the body will not be able to get some useful items. If you have health problems, you need to consult with your doctor.

In General, the "white diet" benefits your beauty and health. Follow the simple rules of caring for the white teeth to the longest time to be the owner of the Hollywood smile.

To consolidate the results of bleaching

Additional tips for those who passed the procedure of lightening the tooth enamel:

  • Give up cigarettes. Cigarette smoke greatly discolor teeth. If you continue to smoke after whitening, yellow-brown enamel soon you will be back. Try not to smoke for at least the first few days after a visit to the dentist, and further work on the reduction of cigarettes smoked per day.
  • Stick to the rules of hygiene. Daily brushing twice a day is an obligatory procedure in any situation. In this case, it should be after every meal and continue to brush your teeth for 1 minute and 3-5). Buy expensive fluoride toothpaste, means for rinsing the mouth. About the stiffness of toothbrush is best to ask the dentist.
  • Buy dental floss for cleaning hard to reach places – those in which the toothbrush is powerless. Floss helps to remove food debris that promote growth of bacteria between the teeth, to prevent the formation of Tartar.
  • Drink drinks through a cocktail straw, so you limit contact and reduce the effect on tooth enamel.
  • Follow the rules of the "white diet" is not only after the procedure of teeth whitening and twice a month. To maintain the whiteness of the smile just a few-three days.
  • Do not use persistent lipstick lips. Even the small interaction of the dyes with the teeth can harm your white smile.

For reviews of patients, "white diet" in combination with additional measures to preserve the color of the enamel after whitening gives excellent results. Do not be lazy to regularly visit a dental office for the procedure, professional hygiene of the oral cavity and disease prevention. Sign up to the dentist at least once every 6 months to maintain healthy teeth and stay the owner of the most beautiful Hollywood smile. Good luck!